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    SIGHTS AND SCENES IN CANTON.Welkom op christelijkeverhalen.nl! Deze website is een verzamelpunt van christelijke verhalen. Op deze site kunt u diverse mooie verhalen vinden die geschikt zijn voor:

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      Is it not clever and quaint? she said. I must really tell Jane that it is not a real one, or she will be dusting it away. And the monkey too, that is even quainter. You can bend its arms and legs into all sorts of attitudes. I made a little speech, dear, and there was Lady Inverbroom on one side of me, and Mrs Crawshaw on the other. It was quite a gathering of county people. Lady Inverbroom asked after you; no, I think I told her you had the influenza first, and then she asked after you. Yes, that was the way of it. She had a mantle on which I dont think can have cost more than four guineas, but then Im sure its not her fault if she has to economise. For my part, if I had all those pictures with that great house to keep up, I should get my husband to sell one or two, and treat myself to a bit of finery and a better dinner in the evening.{218}

      "From him and the likes of him! Not that he loves her; that's the difference between them two cotton-mouth moccasins; Ned Ferry, hell grind him! does--or thinks he does; that other whelp don't, and knows he don't; he's only enam'--"

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